Benefits Of Green Cleaning


Safe for the ENVIRONMENT

Green cleaning products are naturally derived, non-toxic, and biodegradable, meaning they have no negative impact on the environment. But, when it comes to chemical cleaning products, they contain toxic ingredients from non-renewable sources that hurt the world’s eco-system.

Healthier for your pets

 Green cleaning isn’t just healthier for you, but your four-legged friends too! With pets being closer to the floors and other items you are cleaning, it’s always best to be sure you are using non-toxic green cleaning products, especially if they will be eating treats off the floor!

Healthier for you and your family

When you use green products in your home, you can feel safe and comfortable knowing that your family isn’t breathing in harsh chemicals, or having them on or near their skin. Chemical cleaning products are known to cause headaches, coughing, sneezing, or even rashes.

No more chemical smell:

 No one likes that harsh smell cleaning chemicals leave behind. With green cleaning products, you don’t have to worry! Most green cleaning products are unscented or have a very light scent.

Why we use microfiber? 

The fibers create a net-like surface that traps more dirt, debris and moisture than cotton. The nylon in the microfiber has a static charge that pulls in and traps dirt until the fiber is washed. In addition, microfiber mops use significantly less water and require minimal chemicals to clean effectively.

  1. The fibers absorb seven times their weight in water.

  2. Just using water and microfiber removes 98.9% of bacteria from smooth surfaces.

  3. Microfiber can be laundered and reused 400-500 times.

  4. The fabric dries in one-third the time of traditional cotton cloths.

  5. Microfiber reduces slip and fall potential as floors dry faster than when cleaned with conventional mops.

  6. Because of the fibers’ net-like structure, microfiber mops have more surface contact with the floor and remove more dirt than cotton mops do.